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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Modern Patio Area

This patio area is beautiful due to the simplicity in the elements chosen.  The minimalist aspect of this modern patio area help the small space to appear larger.  I really like how they repeated using two chairs and two plants with the small little circular table.  The circular table helps to often the more rectangular shapes of the chairs, pillows, and wood flooring.  

If you have a patio area that you would like to spruce up a bit a perfect idea to start with are some connecting water proof wood flooring panels.  These add a finished feeling to the area and help create a unique space that does not look like other apartments or condo patios.  The next thing to add is a cozy sitting area, and some plants to make it feel more natural.  

Hope these ideas help you to make you dream patio, or inspired you!  Have a great week and thank you so much for reading.

Image source: apartment therapy 

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