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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

San Francisco Clam Chowder and Sister Visit

SF has such a special place in my heart! The food is delicious and I love there chowder there. This one was from Boudin Bakery on the pier. I would definitely check this restaurant out if you're visiting SF.  It's a fun little stop where you can watch the bakers make the dough, and also see the water while you're eating.  Not to shabby of a place. 

It was such a great day because my sister came up to visit and I got to play tourist for the day! We drove down Lombard Street, walked around pier 39 and got a coffee snack there, saw the seals, went souvenir shopping, took lots pictures of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Lil Bird Eggs In a Canvas Bag

One day I was sitting at my desk looking outside the window on our little patio. I saw a small bird going in and out of a canvas bag that was hanging from an old bike. The bag was meant to be left out to air out from a trip and soon turned into a beautiful home. I watched the small brown bird go in and out the bag. After the bird left the area I peaked in the bag and found a small nest made out of twigs, twine, feathers and more.

Two weeks past where I would quietly check the bag to see if anything had occurred. After two weeks I figured the nest was left, and a better spot was found. A few days later I peaked in the bag in the morning and found two small pale white- peach speckled eggs. I was thrilled. They were so tiny, about as large as my thumb nail.

I started to do some research and believe they are house finch eggs and a mother. I will hopefully see soon. Every day I quietly would check the eggs and four more eggs were laid. Now six small eggs wait in the nest and the momma bird sits on them day and night.

I look forward to seeing them hatch and hope they do well in the protected area. This little nest is such a great reminder of how beautiful nature is and the process of life. I'm looking forward to sharing more soon!!

Any tips on once the babies hatch and this bird type? Hope you all have a good week!