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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

bright daisies in a tea cup

Welcome to my new blog Food and Floras!  I look forward to sharing some of ideas about various floral arrangements, flowers, and food.

This past week I had some left over daisies from a flower arrangement.  They were so pretty and I could not bare to throw them out with the rest of the arrangement that had started to decay.  An idea pop in my head.  Above, I have combine a over sized bright teal tea cup with the daisies.  The bright teal and soft yellow and purple daisy colors were very eye catching.  This flower arrangement is perfect for a window side display or to give to a friend as a gift. 

To make:
-one tea cup
-8 to 10 daisies

1.) Trim the daisy stems low, and make sure the cut is done with sharp scissors for longevity of the flowers.
2.)  Arrange the daisies in the tea cup, and spread the various colors out to give it a natural garden feeling.
3.)  Add water
4.) Give as a gift or place in a location to bring extra cheer

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