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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Dreaming about: "Italian Gardens"

A new idea for a post each week is called Dreaming about: which will feature a flower garden idea, arrangement, food idea, baking idea, or a great idea!  These posts will be inspiring and inspire you to dream about try new things or remember a trip or time you enjoyed making or doing something relating to food, flowers, gardening and more!

For this post I was thinking back to my time I spent in Italy for a month in June for a summer a few years ago.  Italy has some of the most beautiful gardens and flowers you can think of.  The flowers pop up in unexpected places, and add so much color and warmth to the city. 

One of my favorite placement of flowers and flora was in the window boxes and small streets.  Italy is truly a magical city, so come along and dream with me you are there through these pictures.

Photography: Alexis
{A look up at the beautiful rows of flower and plant boxes}
{The entrance to a restaurant with a out door patio area for serving lunch and dinner}
{The beauty of an older building and greenery growing over it}

{More balcony gardens}

{One of the first tree lined streets I saw when I arrived to my small place to stay for the night in Malpensa, Italy}

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