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Sunday, July 22, 2012

DIY: Recycled Flower and Candle Holder

This project is tons of fun to make and you probably have the things lying around your home! Or they are easy to get.  First off you need a glass jar.  I used cleaned out salsa jars. The labels are easy to remove under hot water, and peel right off unlike the paper labels.  After cleaning up the jars and taking off the label you are good to go.  

The next item you need is wire, or flower wire.  I had flower wire on hand from a previous project.

1.  Wrap the wire around the top of the jar lip and go around a few times to make sure it is wrapped on there securely.

2.  Take two pieces of wire and criss cross them at the bottom of the jar.  Make one wire shorter and connect that to the wire circling the lip of the jar, and make a secure twist.  The other wire piece that is left long becomes your handle.  Connect this to the opposite side of the wire circling the top of the jar, and secure by twisting the wire around.  (It took a few tries to figure this out and might take some creativity)

3.  Check to make sure the circular wire, base, and handle are connected securely by tugging on the handle.  If anything falls apart be innovative and try again.

4.  Use another piece of wire to twist around the handle and make a grip area.  This part is fun and can be done free hand or with needle nose pliers.  Make sure the wire is wrapped smoothly to prevent pointed edges.  
5.  Tie raffia to the metal handle securaly, hang up the vase somewhere, fill with water, and a flower.

6.  Enjoy!
{Glass Jars}
{Wire wrapped around the lip of the glass jar a few times}
{Wire criss crossed at the bottom of the glass jar}

{Twisted wire for the handle connected to the circular wire around the lip of the glass jar}

(Notes:  For this project I used my hands to twist all of the wire, not any tools.  This is a good option if you lack pliers.  Wire cutters would be helpful, yet mine were left in my art room.  Remember to check that the vase/candle holder is secure since you are working with glass- eek breakable.  This project takes creativity and each one will look very individual to fit your style, depending on how you wrap the wire.)

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