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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Relaxing Saturday Garden

Saturdays are a time to relax and rejuvenate.  This beautiful patio garden would be the perfect place to have breakfast or lunch.  I love how the tables and chairs are small enough to fold up and become portable.  The splash of red on the chairs adds a nice pop of color.

If your home or apartment does not have a yard only a patio area planting plants is a great idea in pots.  This garden has a variety of plant pots in the same slate gray, which brings a type of consistency to the space.  Due to the neutral colors the different plant colors can really shine.  A great variety of plants that are also edible to to include in your garden are: tomatoes, basil, thyme, peppers, lavender to name a few.

Another thing to note about this garden is the height variety of the plants, with the taller ones in the back the the viewers eye continues to move.  Having plants of different sizes helps to keep the garden looking fun and inviting. 

What space in your home do you use to rejuvenate and relax?  Do you have a preference for a type of plants in flower pots?

(Image source: Pinterest)

Have a great weekend and find some time to rejuvenate yourself!

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