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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Book Find of the Month: "The Balcony Gardener"

 I'm so excited to share this great book with you, it is called "The Balcony Gardener!"  If you're looking for a fun summer read and to work on making a small space look beautiful with a garden the author Isabelle Palmer did a great job on showing how to do this with beautiful  images, examples, and more. 

The images in the book are captured very well and there are easy to follow projects to try such as making a candle holder out of a recycled jar, and thin wire.  I am hoping to try this soon and show you an example.  What are some gardening book you know of that are good to share? 

Have a great Tuesday and I look forward to hearing from you!  

P.S.  Here is one of my little plants that recently sprouted 3 weeks ago.  I am trying to keep it inside and then plan on transplanting it to a larger container once it has more stable rooms and stems.  Right now I am worried that the wind will blow it around to much.  There for a nice window spot is as close to a little green house for now.  

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