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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Strawberry Smoothie with Frozen Greek Yogurt

A Strawberry Smoothie is a perfect summer treat for a hot day.  I stumbled upon a delicious and easy recipe that is creamy, smooth, and refreshing.  The addition of the Frozen Greek Yogurt makes the consistency of the shake really smooth and creamy.  I happen to try the Frozen Greek Yogurt as a healthier after dinner snack, yet realized I did not love the taste alone.  In a shake though it very tasty. 

-Frozen Greek Yogurt  (I found the kind of Frozen Greek Yogurt I used at Safeway, here is the link
-1% or 2% Milk
-Frozen Strawberries or Organic Frozen Strawberries 

1.  Pour two cups of milk, or more into a blender.

2.  Add 2 scoops of Frozen Greek Yogurt.

3.  Add four- five frozen strawberries.

4.  Blend with the ice crusher setting and allow it to get very creamy.

5.  Enjoy on a hot day!


  1. Any flavor of smoothie is a perfect summer treat for a hot day, Sapphire, but I like strawberry a lot too. :P Strawberries have vitamin C which lowers blood pressure and boosts our immune system. What's more interesting is that they ward off the development of age-related ocular diseases. I'm not afraid of getting old, I just don’t want to look old.

    Joseph Carr

    1. Hi Joesph,

      Thank you for looking over the smoothie! I sorry about the delayed response, some how I missed seeing this comment.

      That is good to know that the strawberries help with age-related ocular diseases. I'll keep that in mind! : )

      Have a great Fall!
      Alexis aka Sapphire